Suur Vahase


The airy sauna-cottage with a sleeping loft and an outdoor kitchen. Suitable for enjoying a sauna-evening despite the weather and accommodate summer visitors. Kitchen area can be increased decreasing the area of the terrace . There is a practical bar counter in the outdoor kitchen.

In the house there are two rooms: a steam-/washroom and a living room.

Dimensions: 5,87*3,6 meters

Warranty for 2 years

Building description:

43mm thick milled plank (spruce)
68mm thick milled plank (spruce)
18mm thick planking (spruce), the steam room and washroom ceilings are insulated with 10mm thick rock wool, installed vapor barrier film
Foundation beams:
impregnated 43*150mm beams
18mm thick planking (spruce)
covered with Katepal (or some analogical material) cellular roofing felt
Fibo blocks
wooden frames, openable, supplied with locks and other necessary elements
a steam room has a glass door, other doors are made of wood, supplied with locks and other accessories
Sauna room:
comprises a sauna stove, a 35-litre hot water tank and an isolated chimney
Sauna stage:
18mm thick planking (black alder)

More Info:


43mm wall thickness 8800 EUR

68mm wall thickness 10800 EUR

For extra charge:

mounting (base construction and crane work) 350 EUR

installation (in case the house cannot be delivered assembled) 600 EUR

transport to the site

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The minimum amount financed is 100 EUR and maximum 10000 EUR

The installments included in a single contract and a monthly management fee.

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