May be used both in summer and in winter.

Water is heated by an oven, which is separated by a wooden partition wall, supporting a small table that can be used for placing drinks. There is a choice between two ovens, external or internal heating.
The tub may be used as a herb bath in summer, a mud bath, an after-sauna cold bath or for winter bathing. The product also includes a wooden staircase and a paddle to mix the water.

Diameter: 1,9m
Height: 1,2m

Warranty for 2 years

Constructional description:

40mm milled wood (spruce)
cover-18mm thick planking (spruce)
fence and benches-18mm thick planking (spruce)
Wood-burning stove:
Stainless steel

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solid wood, without plastic inside, with wooden cover 1150 EUR

solid wood, without plastic inside and stove      740 EUR

with plastic inside, with stove , without cover 1500 EUR


For extra charge:

installation 45 EUR (if the product can not be delivered in complete)

transport to the site

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