When you have received the sauna, you can elaborate it with materials suitable for you – either you cover interior walls with Supi-protector, or you may prefer to stress the pattern of the wood with the help of flax oil, or give your sauna aits own smell with tar oil (especially suitable for smoke sauna).

From outside you should paint, varnish, tar of oil your sauna as soon as possible.

In case the sauna is not painted, the producer’s warranty is not valid -because if the owner does not take care of his sauna, we cannot warranty that the sauna lasts.

When the aforementioned is done, follow the good hints below for heating a sauna.

If you are heating your sauna for the first time, then bring water into your water tank and you can start heating. At the beginning keep the ashpit door slightly open – this way air can reach the fire better. When the firewood is burning, close the ashpit door. If you have already heated you sauna, first empty the ashpit.

As you are an owner of a new sauna, the new stove needs some pre-heating and the room ventilating – to let out the smell of a new stove.

When this is done, add some firewood and in summer you can make steam in about 30-40 minutes, in winter it takes a bit more time – depending on the temperature outdoors.

As the water tank is not too big, it would be clever to take away some boiling water and bring it to wash-room, and add some cold water into the water tank.

When you have enjoyed you sauna, ventilate it, clean the rooms and keep a bit firewood in the stove to dry the sauna rooms. If you follow all this, you will be satisfied and the sauna thankful.

If you bought a smoke sauna, follow the following hints:

* First empty the ash pit, carry the platforms out while heating – they will not be smoky.

* Open the damper, put some firewood into the stove, leave space for air, you can use deciduous wood – alder.

* If you use birch, you may feel a slight feeling of sting while bathing.

* Set the oven door so that there is some air space from under.

* Keep the door ajar for 10-15 minutes while heating – the oven can get enough air and it diminishes the amount of blackening in the furnace.

* While heating keep the sauna door closed.

* Burn the firewood until charring, when adding firewood, put the furnace full.

* Always heat the stove with dry firewood, and reasonably – about 3-4 furnace-fulls, as long as the outer stones become red. Do not over-heat! And follow that smoke comes from under the stove, not from somewhere else.

* When the last firewood is burned, some suggest taking the char out, others make steam with warm water at once, close the damper, the stove door and the door.

* Let the temperature come down for 30-60 minutes.

* Before bathing wipe the loose blackening off and take the platforms back into the sauna.

* For making steam use only warm water and throw only a little at a time.

* Enjoy, don’t hurry, the sauna should be warm for 3-5 hours.

· When you have enjoyed the sauna-bathing, rinse the platforms with warm water and ventilate to let the moister out, and definitely open the stove door to ventilate the stove as well.

Enjoy bathing in your sauna!