About us

OÜ Urrus Invest was founded in 1999. The main field of activity of the partnership is manufacturing small houses from profile timber.

By today we have established our trademark: Saaremaa saunas, which is known all over Estonia and elsewhere.
Our goal is to be on the big picture for our client and that is why we focus on participating in all-over Estonian exhibitions, messes and fairs to promote our products.

Our product range is various: saunas, garden houses, summerhouses, guesthouses, grill houses, bathtubs.

Ready-made smaller products are transported to the location indicated by the client; bigger products are installed on site.
You can order wooden houses made according to master or individual projects. The supplied set of our wooden house comprises for installation ready-made walls, floors, material for inserted ceilings and roof constructions, but also doors and windows, all installation details and accessories.
In additions you can order staircases, insulation, roof covering material and installation work.

Supply period depends on the waiting list of the orders.

Our co-operation partners: Nature-friendly wood protectors
Abrasivikeskus OÜ www.puidukaitsevahendid.ee


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The minimum amount financed is 100 EUR and maximum 10000 EUR

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